Congratulations, Tina A. for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s July, 2020 Employee of the Month!

🏆🏆 The Bark-A-Bout Team is excited to vote our manager, Tina A., as July, 2020’s “Employee of the Month.” 🏆🏆

The Bark-A-Bout Team runs like a well-oiled machine not only due to the strength of each passionate member, but also due to the glue that unifies us and binds us all together, our Power Team, Bark-A-Bout’s manager, Tina and Owner, Michelle. It’s been said that great leaders don’t lead from the FRONT, but rather, from BEHIND. This style of management —much like shepherds corralling their flock— is exactly what you will find at Bark-A-Bout. Upper management creates a family, and a pack, which we are excited to belong.

Blessed by her 8 years of dedicated excellence to Bark-A-Bout, our manager, Tina gives immense support, strength and leadership as a willing participant alongside us in the trenches. Leading by example each day, she shows grit, heart and sacrifice, day and night. Any time the going gets tough, she keeps her cool and uses creative ideas and approaches to see us through any predicament. Whether it’s coming up with innovative and new ways to keep our staff safe, motivated, and staffed, to crafting and creating an original and new fundraiser idea that motivated and excited our team. Through her out-of-the-box idea, Bark-A-Bout’s “Plunge For Paws” fundraiser generated over $20,000 in donations, the highest monetary donations gathered from a single fundraiser to date. Tina’s creative ideas are proof she is always thinking on her feet.

Tina’s fun, energetic and positive demeanor is contagious. And most importantly, her passion, enthusiasm and encouragement motivates each of us on the Bark-A-Bout Team to execute with power and purpose. By looking deeply within each of us, listening intently, and assessing what makes us tick, Tina helps us thrive by drawing out and nurturing each of our unique and individual talents. As we contribute our time, talent and ideas, we see the impact our efforts make at Bark-A-Bout. This gives us an immense sense of gratification and keeps us motivated.

Michelle and Tina work seamlessly as a team to give us freedom to be ourselves, stand out, and take pride in our individual accomplishments and milestones.

From running Spirit Week to pooling money to buy a Cricut Maker for our savvy crafter and groomer, Kathy, Tina always finds a way to bring out our best. (Even if that means convincing us to jump into a pool filled with ice, for charity’s sake!) Tina motivates us to be unique. Be resourceful. Have fun. And be different. (Yes, even if it means a bit of friendly competition sparring about politics). Just be yourself! Because “yourself” is a unique mind full of potential with a point of view that Tina desperately wants to put to good use.

We all freely give our blood, sweat and tears because we feel seen, heard, valued and accepted.
Our contributions give us a sense of accomplishment that leads to something larger than ourselves, and Tina helps us see that firsthand at Bark-A-Bout.

Thank you, Tina, for bringing out the best in each of us each and every day! You are such an asset to Bark-A-Bout and amazing leader, and shepherd to our pack! 🐶🐾
We Woof You!💕

Love, The Bark-A-Bout Team