Congratulations to Bark-A-Bout’s October, “Employee of the Month”, Dennie A.! Throughout Dennie’s nearly 30 years as a Vet Tech, she has gathered some extensive knowledge about animal biology. Dennie graciously shares her tidbits of knowledge throughout each day with all the Bark-A-Bout staff. In fact, after sharing all kinds of fun facts it’s easy to see where her nickname, “Dennie Says” originated. For example,“ Dennie says”… if your dog’s paw pads smell like tortilla chips it’s from yeast bacteria caught between their toes.”… “’Dennie Says’ if you want to keep your dog’s feet from stinking, trim the fur between their toes and give their feet a good wash!”

Dennie is always on the move at Bark-A-Bout, from walk-in nail trims, to administering medications to ensuring all pet’s vaccinations are up to date.  After a long day on her feet, it’s off to teach a Pet CPR Class or donate her free time at a local charity. In fact, Dennie’s big heart expands beyond her love for animals. Dennie volunteers most of her free time outside of work by helping out at the local food bank, animal shelter or church function. What’s leftover for “me-time”, she spends at home caring for her “foster squirrels” and two cats, Ebony and Elsie. Throughout the years, Dennie has become locally famous for taking in wounded or abandoned squirrels that needed a helping paw to survive.  This tiresome and around-the-clock care often requires Dennie to bottle-feed baby squirrels every two hours for weeks on end. Her tribe of squirrels now live behind her home which continues to grow in numbers with each passing year. There are about a dozen squirrels that visit her weekly and daily behind her home. They are happy to accept the nuts and seeds she offers and thankful for a good rest in the squirrel rehabilitation nest box she provides. Dennie calls each squirrel by name and can tell you all about each of their personalities and breed.

When Dennie is at Bark-A-Bout, it’s the same love and compassion that she gives to each dog and cat that enters our facility. It’s easy to feel her compassion and heart while she skillfully treats each pet with kindness and care. We are very blessed to have her on our team sharing her medical knowledge and heart with us each day.

Congratulations, Dennie A! You truly deserve the honor of “Employee of the Month” and are so blessed to have your compassion and care under our woof!