Congratulations, Asia D. for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2019 Employee of the Month!

Joining Bark-A-Bout’s team 4 months ago, Asia is a quiet and calm driving force of our dog handler team. Asia is proficient in every duty delegated to her and takes each task in stride like a duck in water. “Cool as a cucumber” and clear-headed, she will be the first to implement any modifications to our structured workflow and prove value in the new process.

Dogs are drawn to Asia’s powerfully collected charisma. In fact, dogs have proven to be acutely attuned to human behavior and emotions, and Asia’s peaceful and calm demeanor definitely puts dogs at ease. Dogs are impeccable at gauging our emotional state to understand what we humans are thinking and feeling. Asia’s tranquil disposition makes her a paw’fect handler on our playfloor.

Behind the scenes Asia is hard-working, reliable and trustworthy. Asia always has each dog’s best interest at heart and loves to go above-and-beyond what is asked of her. She enjoys pitching in and lending a hand to fellow co-workers, and her contagious laugh makes working alongside her fun.

Congratulations, Asia on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2019 Employee of the Month! You are very deserving of this honor!