It is with great honor, appreciation and respect that Bark-A-Bout employees have voted our leader, founder and owner, Michelle Nikiforuk as Bark-A-Bout’s May, 2018 “Employee of the Month”. Michelle keeps us inspired and excited to come to work and perform well every single day. She instills a deep sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment in each of our team members, so it is with enormous admiration that we honor her this month, as the most exceptional Employee of the Month!

We Bark-A-Bout employees are unbelievably blessed to work under Michelle’s guidance and love. Many of us believe that Michelle is secretly Super Woman, but the truth of the matter is, she simply dedicates 100% of herself and her time to her family. To Michelle, Bark-A-Bout, its customers and her employees ARE her family. Love and loyalty make us family, and she certainly goes to the ends of the earth for each of us.

Michelle is eager to share her pet industry expertise and jump alongside us and get her hands dirty, immersing herself into the rigors of each daily task. We respect her for her unwavering grit and willingness to “do whatever it takes” to get the job done. Whether that means pulling sleepless nights cleaning kennels or spending long hot summer days weeding, painting and cleaning, there is no task that Michelle won’t undertake to make Bark-A-Bout a success. Her hands-on approach and constant engagement alongside our staff means she is perfectly in-tune with our team’s performance and workflow.

Michelle encourages and fosters career development for all of our employees by integrating strong on-site training, and learning and development within every job description. Whether it is company-wide field trips to Wolf Park or in-house seminars on dog behavior, Pet CPR, First Aid, self-defense classes or more, Michelle is passionate about boosting our self-confidence and growing our leaders from the inside.

“My door is always open” is an understatement. Michelle encourages us to feel comfortable in approaching her with anything on our mind. We are confidently met with honest, sincere and genuine feedback. When a creative and ambitious idea strikes, she’s there to collaborate and bounce ideas off of, which is quickly followed by praise and gratitude. Watching us grow and be ambitious in whatever we do makes Michelle happiest.

On behalf of all of our staff, it is our deepest pleasure to vote Michelle Nikiforuk, as Bark-A-Bout’s May, 2018 “Employee of the Month”. Congratulations, Michelle! We couldn’t be prouder or more appreciative!!!