🏆🏆 Congratulations, Yanetzi P. for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s January, 2021 “Employee of the Month”! 🏆🏆

CONGRATULATIONS, Yanetzy P. for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s January, 2021 “Employee of the Month”!

Yanetzy P. (A.K.A. “Gigi”) has only been with the Bark-A-Bout Team for a short time, but has confidently stepped up and shown very strong efforts to learn her position and be a solid teammate. She is immensely eager to learn and swiftly soaks in knowledge by asking very insightful questions. Gigi is always happy, smiling and on the move… Seriously, this girl never stops! Gigi can always be found proactively cleaning or wiping things down, mopping or organizing. Gigi is ambitious, dependable and very hard-working. Gigi’s love for dogs shines when we see her giving our 4-legged Bark-A-Bout fur’ends extra pets and scratches behind the ears every chance she gets. Gigi’s sunshiny paw’sitivity is contagious to all of us and we are so lucky to have her as a part of the Bark-A-Bout Team. Great job, Gigi! You are a true asset to Bark-A-Bout!