Safety and the well-being for your pet is our highest priority, so here at Bark-A-Bout we are set out to be leaders in staff training and development. The development and training of staff /handlers is a continuous process which includes many hours of in-service training both hands-on and text book, participation in workshops, listening to guest speakers and discussions. Each staff/handler goes through monthly testing on canine behavior, daycare handling, and training lessons so everyone on our team is up to date on new topics. They each are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid trained. Each of our programs is constantly supervised by a qualified handler and aide. Bark-A-Bout always maintains a high employee-to-dog ratio.


Congratulations to Whitney H.!

Bark-A-Bout’s “Employee of the Month”, January, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to Bark-A-Bout’s January, 2018 “Employee of the Month”, Whitney H.! Whitney is the vivacious, smiling receptionist that will greet you and your pup by name as soon as you enter Bark-A-Bout. She will definitely want to come out from behind the front desk to bend down and pet your pup. In fact, Whitney says she loves working the early morning shift even though it’s still dark outside because “it gives her the opportunity to say goodmorning to each and every dog that walks through our doors and checks in for the day”.
Whitney is not only a sweetheart to our customers, she is genuinely a happy ray of sunshine to each of our Bark-A-Bout Team . Her happiness and positive attitude is contagious to all of us and makes even the coldest winter day turn into a really fun, energetic day… even if that means Whitney has to mop the salty footprints and pawprints off the boutique floor 19 times throughout her day.  It’s no bother for Whitney, who is always in a great mood because she is around her favorite inspiration- – -animals. Whitney’s dream is to be a wildlife rehabilitator so that she can help animals of all kinds that are in need of a helping paw.
If you happen to catch Whitney on your way into Bark-A-Bout, please help us congratulate her on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s January, 2018 Employee of the Month!