Safety and the well-being for your pet is our highest priority, so here at Bark-A-Bout we are set out to be leaders in staff training and development. The development and training of staff /handlers is a continuous process which includes many hours of in-service training both hands-on and text book, participation in workshops, listening to guest speakers and discussions. Each staff/handler goes through monthly testing on canine behavior, daycare handling, and training lessons so everyone on our team is up to date on new topics. They each are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid trained. Each of our programs is constantly supervised by a qualified handler and aide. Bark-A-Bout always maintains a high employee-to-dog ratio.


Congratulations to Cara!
Bark-A-Bout “Employee of the Month” for September, 2017!

Our Bark-A-Bout Team is excited to congratulate, Cara, (our resident “Dog Whisperer”) as Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2017 Employee of the Month! Cara is Bark-A-Bout’s Head Dog Handler who overseas all of the dog handlers and Large Dog Play Group while outside. Want to know who loves Cara the most? One would think it is our BAB Team since Cara is so dependable, helpful and professional. But wait until Cara enters the playfloor, and by the way the dogs immediately rush up to her and stick to her side like glue, you’ll quickly realize that all of the DOGS love her the absolute most of anybody! Most importantly, the dogs respect her and know “Cara is the BOSS in charge!”

Each day Cara designs the play groups based on each dog’s temperament and personality. That means she knows each dog’s personality inside and out, and groups dogs together based on their play style. Cara trains all the handlers and works very hard at studying dog play behavior to be at the top of her game. That means she anticipates what a dog will do before they do it based on cues, signals and body language. Being a great dog handler is an art form and Cara does it best!

We are so lucky to have Cara on our team ensuring that each dog has a tail-wagging time at Bark-A-Bout. Cara works so hard each and every day because she is passionate about dogs, and honored by the trust that each parent gives her caring for their fur baby. Cara once said “I don’t think all these families realize, these are all pretty much ‘my dogs’, it just so happens they go home for the night and come back in the morning”. …Talk about taking your job seriously! While you’re here, you’re family!

Four paws up for Cara!!!

Congratulations, Cara on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2017 “Employee of the Month!”