Dog Daycare

All Daycare guests must have a reservation “request” in place by the close of business the previous day.
Requests may be booked through your Customer Portal here, or by calling up Bark-A-Bout at (586)566-8900.

Dog Daycare turns Bark-A-Bout into your dog’s personal playground! Bark-A-Bout boasts Macomb County’s largest dog daycare resort with over 24,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor play space designed just for your dog’s exploration.

All dogs enjoy their afternoon adventure in a safe, structured environment that is supervised by trained, qualified Pet Care Handlers.  Bark-A-Bout’s trustworthy and attentive Pet Care Handlers get to know each dog’s personality and hand-select each play group based on dog size and temperament. Dog Daycare gives dogs opportunity to exercise in a healthy, fun social atmosphere.

To enjoy Bark-A-Bout’s dog daycare and be around other dogs in our facility, each dog must go through Bark-A-Bout’s “Enrollment Process“.  In addition, each dog must have written proof that they are up to date on our required “Vaccinations“. Male dogs 6 months and older must be neutered to participate in our daycare program.

Click here to schedule your dog for recurring daycare or our Easy Pay payment program.

Bark-A-Bout takes the health of your family very seriously.
Bark-A-Bout has implemented safe-work practices to mitigate possible exposure of Covid-19.
Please click here to read all the new policies being put in place for your protection. 



1 Day

1 Day, Multiple Dog(s)*



A “Full Day” of dog daycare ensures your dog will receive at least 4.5 hours* of playtime on our playfloors when arrival is by 8:30am. *We reserve the right to alter this time due to weather, age, and behavior.


*Fee is in addition to daycare fee. This fee can be waived with the purchase of two future days/nights of dog daycare or pet hotel. Purchase must be made at the time of Meet~N~Greet. These additional days expire 6 months after purchase.


1 Half Day

Half Day, Multiple Dog(s)




Mon – Sat

Time starts at drop-off.
Max of 4.5 hours in our facility.

Half Day daycare ensures your dog will receive one full round of group playtime on our playfloors. Leaving your dog for over 4.5 hours at our facility is considered a “Full Day” of dog daycare.


1 Hour

Half Day, 2nd Dog




Once your dog has Full Playgroup Status, daycare packages may be purchased.
Daycare package days expire after 6 months.
Call for package options.


Bark-A-Bout’s Daycare Drop-Off / Pick Up Hours:
Monday through Saturday: 6:30am to 7pm

Bark-A-Bout closes our doors promptly at 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

ALL PETS must be picked up by or before closing time of 7:00pm!

If an emergency should occur and you are unable to arrive before 7:00pm to pick up your pet, it is very important that we receive a courtesy phone call to be informed of your anticipated time of arrival.* 

A $20 late pick-up fee will be charged starting at 7:01pm, Monday through Saturday. This fee will double to $40 at 7:15pm. Promptly at 7:30pm your pet will be considered a “No Show” and transferred into our Pet Hotel (see No-Show Pet Hotel transfer fees below). A courtesy call does not waive late pick-up fees. All fees must be paid at the time of pick-up, and package credits may be used where applicable.

Any pets still in our care 30 minutes after close will now automatically stay overnight and the fees below apply. You may pick up your dog as soon as our resort opens the following morning.  Additionally, if you fail to pick up your dog during the normal Hotel Check-Out Hours the following day, you will incur an additional “Late Hotel Check-Out Fee” of $20.

After-Hours “No Show” Fee

Daycare to Hotel Transfer Fee

BAB Food Fee For Dinner

Hotel Standard Suite Boarding Cost