Easy Pay Program

Does your dog attend dog daycare regularly?  If so, enjoy our deepest savings by signing up for Bark-A-Bout’s recurring monthly dog daycare “Easy Pay Program”! Signing up is only $20!

Our Easy-Pay Program is a hassle-free monthly recurring ‘dog daycare package’ that is automatically withdrawn from your credit card. Simply pick a package that closely matches the number of times you bring your dog to dog daycare each month and start saving! Unused daycare days don’t roll over into the following month, shall you decide to cancel* or change your package, just give us a 2-week heads up before your next scheduled withdrawal.

*Cancellation Policy:
There is a minimum subscription requirement of 4-months in the Easy-Pay program.
Cancelling prior to 4 months will result in a $50 cancellation fee being applied to your credit card.
After your 4-month minimum subscription has passed, you may opt to freeze your account for up to 3 months per enrollment year, (months may be used consecutively or separately).
If additional months are in need, your subscription will need to be cancelled.

Interested? Fill out the form below and one of our fur’endly receptionists will reach out to you.

I'm Interested In Your Easy-Pay Program!

    I understand that a credit card number is required for the Bark-A-Bout Easy Pay Program with a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $20. This charge will be added to my first withdrawal. There is no term commitment and I can cancel or change my package at any time. However, if I wish to cancel or change my package, a request must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to my scheduled withdrawal. A $50 Cancellation Fee will be required if 4-month subscription has not been met. After 4-months I can cancel anytime without a fee. I understand my package is only valid for use during the month for which issued. No unused days will roll over into future months, or be refunded. I understand that the option to freeze my subscription is only available after 4-months have passed. I may opt to freeze my account up to 3 months per enrollment year, and months may be frozen separately or consecutively. If additional months are in need, my subscription will need to be cancelled.