Enrichment Daycare

Participation in our Enrichment Daycare Program Is A Smart Choice For Your Dog!
Just like Montessori school, Enrichment Dog Daycare is structured Daycare that uses fun, mind-engaging activities and purposeful play to strengthen your dog’s confidence and encourage good behavior and self-control. To unlock the Enrichment Daycare program’s fullest potential, we require a minimum of one day per week recurring commitment.

Our Enrichment Daycare Program Targets Your Dog’s Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellness

Enrichment toys and activities engage your dog’s five senses, natural instincts, skills, and physical abilities during purposeful play. Brain games are designed to challenge your dog to think, problem-solve and stay active mentally, physically and emotionally. In our Dog Daycare setting, enrichment activities offer personal attention, reinforcement of social manners and effective training that help your dog minimize destructive behaviors and reach their full potential..

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Report Cards Given Weekly
After your initial in-person update with our Enrichment Coach, you will receive a weekly Progress Report which may include videos, sent through text or email.

Gain Access To Bark-A-Bout’s Private “Enrichment Fur’ends” Facebook Group

Get to know other Enrichment Pet Parents, view photos and stay informed about our latest enrichment activities and special announcements.



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Sample Full-Day Enrichment Daycare Schedule:

Bark-A-Bout Enrichment Coach will offer endless fun by crafting a custom, comprehensive learning curriculum that fully embraces your dog’s unique learning style. To reduce over-exhaustion and reinvigorate your pup for each round of fun, Bark-A-Bout is applying interval training techniques and incorporating carefully-timed rest breaks into our play sessions. Your dog will enjoy more exhilarating shorter-timed play sessions that will surely send home a tired and content pup.

Enrichment Daycare is offered Monday-Friday
New Curriculum Schedule Each Week

Your dog will participate in five power-packed Enrichment sessions throughout their day:
(2) social sessions, (1) cognitive session, (1) sensory session and (1) physical session.

We recommend all Enrichment Dogs be checked-in by 8:30am.
To partake in all scheduled activities a dog must be checked in by 8:30am and stay until 5:00pm.
Please note, we accommodate late drop-off or early pick-ups, however, your dog may not experience their full schedule of activities.
Your dog must arrive by 8:30am to be selected for the earlier afternoon social play session.

8:30-10:00am: Social session with all fur’ends – Daycare 2.0

10:30-12:00pm: Individual Enrichment: Cognitive or Tactile Sensory Enrichment (i.e. Puzzle toys, scent walk, snuffle matt)

12:00-12:30pm: Relaxation Enrichment Time (i.e. licki matt, peanut butter stuffed Kong, aroma therapy, read a book, soothing music)

12:30-1:30pm: Nap

1:30-3:30pm: Social session with all fur’ends – Daycare 2.0

3:45-5:15pm: Individual Enrichment: Cognitive (i.e. fetch, rope toys, obstacle course) Sensory Enrichment (i.e. scent walk, FitPaws, new tactile textures and surfaces) or Training Session (i.e. recall, loose-leash walking, group sit, tricks).

5:15 pm: Evening rest after a full day. Waiting for parents to arrive.

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To encourage engagement in many of our enrichment activities, Bark-A-Bout will serve your dog wholesome and nutritious treats.
As a way to keep your dog eager to participate and earn food rewards, please avoid feeding your dog a large meal prior to drop-off.

Happy Howie’s Lamb Soft Meat Roll:
The top pick by most dog training experts! Click here for all ingredients.
All Natural. No: Corn, Wheat, Added Sugars or Soy!

Heart-healthy and gluten-free. No wheat, rye, or barley grains.

Peanut Butter:
Peanut butter may be placed onto a Lickimat or inside a KONG for your dog to enjoy while relaxing in their suite.

We are unable to serve different treats at this time. If your dog has a food allergy to to the treats listed above, please let us know so we can do activities without treats.

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Dogs That May Not Do Well In Enrichment Daycare:

Throughout our Enrichment Daycare Program activities, dogs may be on leash, share toys, and receive food treats as rewards. For the safety of all dogs in our Enrichment Program, any dog that exhibits these aggressive behaviors may be excluded from our program:

Leash Reactive Dogs:
Dogs who become aggressive or reactive toward other dogs or people when placed on a leash.

Resource Guarders:
Dogs who become aggressive when other dogs or people approach a tangible object they deem is “theirs”, such as toys, water, blankets, etc.

Food Aggressive Dogs:
Dogs who show aggression when other dogs approach their food or treats.

Enrichment Dog Daycare, Enrichment Daycare Logo, Learn and Play Program, Enrichment for dogs, Dog Enrichment, Enrichment Program.

Enrichment Daycare Enrollment Rules:

To take part in Bark-A-Bout’s Enrichment Daycare Program, each dog must be an ongoing Unleash’d Member.

To unlock the Enrichment Daycare program’s fullest potential, we advise you to stick with the program for at least 8 visits (2 months) before deciding if the program is a right fit for your dog.

Reservations are always required:

  • Additional visits are available upon request, pending availability.
  • One (1) recurring set day per week is required to keep enrollment in the Enrichment Daycare Program.
  • You may lose Enrichment Daycare enrollment if attendance is habitually less than four visits per month.

Payment is required on the day of your dog’s scheduled recurring visit:

  • An active credit card must be kept on file.
  • On the day of your dog’s recurring scheduled visit, a full-day of Enrichment Daycare will always be charged to the credit card on file, (or a pre-paid day removed) whether your dog attends or not. (Excludes holidays when Bark-A-Bout is closed).
  • To cancel your enrollment completely, or to have a scheduled payment waived, a “Schedule Change Form” must be submitted at least (3) days before a missed or called-off day. With proper notice, Bark-A-Bout will waive payment for up to (7) scheduled days per year.

Enrichment Daycare Application: