Congratulations, 7-year old “Gracie and Hazel” for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2021 “Bark of the Month”!

CONGRATULATIONS, 7-year-old Huskey Mix’s “Gracie and Hazel” for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2021 “Bark of the Month”!

Gracie and Hazel are littermate sisters.  At 6 weeks old, they were adopted together by their mom whose initial intention was to adopt just one dog. But the moment Mom laid eyes on both of them, her heart overflowed and she fell completely head over heels in love with both of them. There was no way that she could possibly pick just one, so she adopted them both! What lucky little puppies!!!

Even though both Gracie and Hazel are sisters, they could not be more different in personalities. Miss. Gracie is a bit of a “princess” who loves to stay pristinely clean and luxurious while basking in the good life of indoor air conditioning. Hazel, on the other hand, is a rough and tumble gal who would choose to live outside permanently if she had the opportunity. Hazel’s favorite activity is playing fetch with her frisbee. She has perfected her talent of catching her frisbee while making spectacular acrobatic leaps. Her sister, Gracie has no athletic excellence whatsoever, but she is always Hazel’s biggest cheerleader the very moment Hazel makes a crazy cool catch. She will show her support by smiling and wagging her tail ferociously. Both Gracie and Hazel are totally dedicated to each other.

Both girls have been attending Bark-A-Bout’s Dog Daycare since they were puppies. While at Bark-A-Bout, they really like to play with eachother and both have a lot of fun. They both also love to play with others and are always open to letting others join in their fun, too. Even when they spend time playing with other members of their pack, both girls will often and continually check in on each other – touching noses just to say ‘hello’.

Gracie’s & Hazel’s favorite part of their day is their evening casual walk with their mom. As soon as Gracie realizes it’s time for their evening walk, she will leap high into the air in excitement, often showing off her acrobatic and gymnastic prowess. Both Gracie and Hazel both love exploring wherever Mom takes them, whether it be just a simple stroll through the neighborhood, or off to a new adventure in a nearby park.

Gracie & Hazel are friendly to all dogs and humans they meet. They especially enjoy the company of family and friends who makes special visits to their home, especially their human grandma. These sweethearts are the best pups a family could ever ask for!!

If you see Gracie and Hazel being dropped off or picked up from Bark-A-Bout’s Dog Daycare, please be sure to congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2021 “Bark of the Month”.