Congratulations Riley V!

Bark-A-Bout's July, 2017 Bark of the Month

Bark-A-Bout is excited to congratulate a loving and happy-spirited two-and-a-half year old Yellow Labrador Retriever ,“Riley V.” as Bark-A-Bout’s July, 2017 “Bark of the Month”!

In March of 2015, as a tiny furry three-month old puppy, Riley came to Bark-A-Bout for her first day of doggy daycare. Riley loved it so much that she began attending Bark-A-Bout’s doggy daycare five days a week, Monday through Friday. Fast forward to today, over two years later, Riley still continues her weekday routine of 5 days a week at Bark-A-Bout.

Throughout the past two years, Riley worked her way up to becoming President of the “Please Throw the Ball” Athletic Club, presiding over three board members, “Molly”, “Maizie” and “Blu”. The sneakiest of all ball catchers, Riley patiently waits on the outfields of our Bark Park for a tennis ball to be thrown. Any unsuspecting dog will quickly find out that Riley’s natural talent lies in intercepting long-distance tennis balls. Next to Riley, most dogs don’t stand a viable chance of catching that long-distance shot.

When Riley isn’t on the run and active with her all her tennis ball buddies, she winds down and sunbathes with her very best BAB-Fur’end, “Maggie T”.  Just like Riley, Maggie started coming to Bark-A-Bout as a three month old puppy.  Fate would have it that two weeks later, Maggie would meet her best fur’ever fur’end, Riley.  It was obvious that these to puppies instantly became inseparable.

Riley is a lot more energetic than her laid back counterpart, Maggie.  That doesn’t stop Riley from slowing down to have a relaxing chat with Maggie and “dog watch” together. As all the dogs vigorously scamper around them, these two enjoy the birds singing and the sun warming their fur. Maggie and Riley both agree that life at Bark-A-Bout together is ‘awesome’.

After a long day socializing with Maggie and fur’ends, when Riley is on her way out of Bark-A-Bout, even before greeting her dad Hello, Riley will be sure to make a friendly pit-stop behind the front desk to say “goodbye” to her favorite receptionists.  Then it’s off for a big night of family fun! Riley absolutely adores spending time with her family. Riley is exceptionally loved and spoiled by her dad, “Mark” and human brother, “Jake”. These two love her so much they granted her the cutesy nickname, “Princess Riley”.  Together they all love making great family memories. They go swimming, hang out at the local park and spend a lot of time at Grandma’s house. On Riley’s way out of Bark-A-Bout, her dad, Mark will ask her excitedly, “Riley, what do you want to do tonight? Do you want to go party?  Or do you want to go to grandma’s house? Oooor do you want to chew your bone out in the yard?” When Riley hears the option she has in mind, she will alert her dad by tilting her head.  Then, plans are set for a great night of family fun. For Riley, life couldn’t get any better.

If you happen to catch this sweet, lucky dog, Riley and her family, Mark and Jake on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, please congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s July, 2017 “Bark of the Month”.