Congratulations, Kaia

Bark-A-Bout's February, 2019 Bark of the Month

Congratulations, Kaia for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s February, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!

Yellow lab, Miss. Kaia Hartwig was born on a beautiful farm in Kentucky Aug. 27, 2015. “To know her is to love her.” She has the sweetest smile, never meets a stranger, loves to love and cuddle, and is far more special than those who initially meet her even realize.

Kaia was born the tiniest of her litter. Her brothers and sisters were a strong, healthy, lively bunch, but sweet and gentle little Kaia was not eating properly. No one expected tiny Kaia to pull through. Each of her siblings were quickly adopted about, but Kaia could not find a forever home.

Days passed into weeks and one life-changing day, Jessica received a phone call from her best friend since childhood, Kristen. Kristen excitedly touted “this may sound crazy, but I got you a puppy! I just have this feeling she is meant to be yours! She is so tiny and sweet, she wasn’t even supposed to live but miraculously pulled through. And, she was born on your birthday, Jessica! Her mom’s name is Maggie!” (The same name of Jessica’s lab for 13+ years).

Needless to say, Jessica felt no choice but to pack up her car and head south to meet this puppy her friend Kristen spoke so highly of. And boy did Kristen get it right- – – It was love at first sight!! The very second that Jessica met Kaia, any doubts about puppy parenthood immediately faded away, “It was clear she was mine and I was hers!” While all Kaia’s littermates were running and jumping around wild, Kaia was very calm and relaxed. Upon meeting Jessica, Kaia immediately climbed up into Jessica’s lap like she knew she was home, leaned in contently and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Jessica says, “There really aren’t words for all the joy Kaia has brought to our lives since that amazing day. She loves to be wherever her mom and dad are. She is so easy-going, and as long as she’s with us, she’s happy. She loves to go on adventurous road trips and anywhere we go she wants to hop in the car and ride along. A 13-14hr+ road trip? No biggy whatsoever, she’s all about it!! Especially if that means she’s headed to somewhere fun! One of Kaia’s absolute favorite routines is to ride in the car and to go play with all her fur’ends at Bark-A-Bout throughout each week! Jessica can’t even say the words “Bark-A-Bout” unless she is ready to leave the house because Kaia gets so excited. She heads straight to the mud room to retrieve her backpack that is waiting with her lunch and toys nestled inside, all packed and ready for her big afternoon of dog daycare.

Kaia’s favorite activities include traveling to the beach, digging in the sand and swimming. Kaia is crazy about water! While at Bark-A-Bout she loves running through the bone-shaped wade pool to cool off, and playing a fun game of fetch. If you know anything about Kaia, you know she is always running around with a tennis ball in her mouth. While at Bark-A-Bout Kaia smartly stands all the way at the far end of the play yard waiting for the handler to throw a ball so that she can be the first one to catch the ball before anyone else! And once she gets ahold of the ball, good luck getting it back from her, because her favorite is to be chased and show off how fast she is!

Jessica could brag and brag about Kaia for days and proudly contends she is “that mom” who enjoys talking about their child nonstop, but she insists there is no other way it could be. “I look at Kaia and wonder how she was ever overlooked or deemed as not as good as the others. To me she is the best dog in the whole world and absolutely priceless”.


If you happen to catch Kaia or her parents at Bark-A-Bout, be sure to congratulate Kaia for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s February, 2019 “Bark of the Month”.