Congratulations, 7-Year Old Pit Bull Mix, “Jasper B.” for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s May, 2022 “Bark of the Month”!

Five month old  Pit Bull Mix, “Jasper” was rescued by A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue in Spring of 2015, completely emaciated with her rib and tail bone showing, and rocks that she had eaten still in her belly.  Immediately upon meeting her and getting some sweet kisses, Janelle and Kris Bross knew that this little girl was meant to be theirs. They quickly moved to finalize the adoption, and Jasper joined their loving family on May 6th, 2015. Since then, Jasper’s life has been full of eating, growing, playing, snuggles on the couch, snoozing on her family’s laps, chasing balls, protecting her parents and two human siblings from any noise or movement in the neighborhood, and playing with her best friends at Bark-A-Bout.

Jasper’s favorite foods are her kibble, any sort of milk bone, peanut butter, cheese, and some of the scraps that her brother and sister may drop on the floor during mealtime. She loves car rides, walks around the neighborhood, and playing the back yard with her human brother, Sam, and human sister, Evelyn.  She also loves running the fence line with the neighbor’s dog. But as much as she loves being outside running around and lounging in the sun, her favorite place is anywhere with her people.  She loves to be a lap dog, even though she has grown into a non-lap sized dog.  She loves to have physical contact with her people whenever possible, often giving sad puppy eyes from her bed when she can’t fit on the couch or no one is petting her. She spends each night curled into the bend of her dad’s knees or laying on her mom’s legs. She is lovingly called “Weasel” because she can weasel her way into any hug, kiss, or snuggle, even if she wasn’t invited.

Jasper graduated Basic Obedience Class with the ability to sit, shake, and stay (when she feels like it).  She can give high fives and high tens, but refuses to try to catch any sort of food item.  While she will snatch a hard thrown tennis ball out of midair, if you throw food at her, it will bounce off her nose.

Jasper is happy, playful, and silly. But above all, she is a lover. She asserts her need to love and be loved by nudging hands to pet her, stealthily climbing onto your lap, plopping her rear end onto your feet or lap, and running to greet you at the door with a wiggly butt.

Jasper’s family is so thankful to have found a pooch that adores every member of her family (especially her dad and little brother) and to have found an amazing extended family at Bark-A-Bout to ensure she gets all the attention, exercise, and fun she needs in her life.  If you happen to catch Jasper on her way in or out of Bark-A-Bout during her routine Tuesday or Thursday visits, be sure to give her an extra pat on the head or scratch under the chin. Congratulations, Jasper on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s  May, 2022 “Bark of the Month”!