Congratulations, Lilo!

Bark-A-Bout's November, 2018 Bark of the Month

Lilo is the sweetest, happy-go-lucky, “Chocolate Golden Doodle” you’ll ever meet! About three times a week Lilo enjoys Bark-a-Bout’s dog daycare with fur’ends! Two-year old Lilo loves meeting new dogs and exploring our outdoor bark park. One of Lilo’s favorite Bark-A-Bout playmates, a beautiful golden retriever named “Cora” like to spend their time together by chasing eachother around and splashing through the bone-shaped wade pool. Lilo is always on her best behavior at all times and listens when Bark-A-Bout dog handlers give her a command. She always wears a huge smile on her face no matter the weather! Her happiness and paw’sitive demeanor is contagious, making it easy for her to make all sorts of new fur’ends wherever she goes. Her vibrant, super sweet charisma oozes with fun energy. Even while at home outside in her backyard playing with her ball she must stop what she is doing and say ‘Hello’ to greet all of the animals that visit her backyard as well as anyone that passes by her house. After all the fun and running around each day, when it’s finally time to slow down, Lilo loves a good belly rub and lots of hugs. She always brings her favorite toy penguin with her to snuggle, even if it means playing “musical beds” to find the comfiest spot in the house.

Lilo loves to help in the kitchen by taste-testing her mumma and puppa’s food, just to ensure it tastes delicious. As for Lilo’s refined palate, of all of her favorite human foods- she can’t resist peanut butter. But like a good pup she still eats all of her veggies: broccoli, carrots and beans.

Lilo also loves to travel. While outside of Bark-A-Bout, Lilo enjoys taking trips to her local dog park where she can swim in the lake and meet new fur’rends. She also likes to travel with her family up North to play in the lake with her fur-cousin, “Maddie”. Her cousin may be faster in the water, but Lilo sure makes up for it on dry land! They both have so much fun playing together and love making priceless memories with their family. Lilo’s family says “Lilo keeps us laughing every day with her big smile and her goofy antics.”

If you happen to catch Lilo and her family on her way into Bark-A-Bout for dog daycare, please congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s November, 2018 “Bark of the Month”!