Congratulations, Jasper and Louise!

Bark-A-Bout's January, 2018 Bark of the Month



Bark-A-Bout is excited to congratulate two adorable Labrador Retrievers as Bark-A-Bout’s January, 2018 “Bark of the Month”!

Jasper is turning 10 years old this coming April of 2018. When he was a 1 year old puppy, sadly his owner suddenly passed away. The Thomson’s found out and immediately jumped in their car, and drove the long distance from Michigan all the way down south to Florida to pick him up. That was the best decision they could have made! Jasper’s family says the past 9 years have been such a “great joy” to have Jasper as their family member. The Thomson’s call him their “gentle soul” because Jasper loves being cuddled so much and even throughout the passing years, he still truly believes he is a lap dog! Jasper also loves swimming and anything that involves water. During his family walks he always carries his treasured green tennis ball in his mouth.

After falling in love with Jasper, two years later the Thomson’s adopted another Labrador puppy to join Jasper and their family. “Louise” was from Belleville, Ontario.  At the time she was still a small puppy and loved playing with Jasper. Fast forward seven years, and these two are still the best of fur’ends and love eachother very much. Like most Labs, Jasper and Louise really love treats, especially peanut butter, apples and carrots. Louise will be turning 7 in March, 2018. She is very active and loves to run and play. Louise is very much a social butterfly and really enjoys playing with other puppies just as much as she loves greeting new people and making new fur’ends.

If you happen to catch Japer and Louise on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, please be sure to congratulate them on becoming Bark-A-Bout’s “January, 2018 Bark-A-Bout Bark of the Month!”