🏆 Congratulations, Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2023 “Bark of the Month,” Jameson Ballor! 🏆

 CONGRATULATIONS, September, 2023 Bark-A-Bout “Bark of the Month”, Jameson Ballor!

We’re thrilled to announce our “Bark of the Month” for September – the delightful Jameson! This handsome pup has captured our hearts with his irresistible charm, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate him!


Jameson has been part of the Bark-A-Bout family since March 2022, and it’s been a pleasure to watch him grow and thrive in our doggy haven. His journey began in February, 2021 when his loving family, after moving to Michigan from New Jersey and getting a spacious yard, welcomed him into their lives. Jameson’s birthday falls on December 15th, 2020, so he’s just a young pup full of energy and enthusiasm!

Jameson is a dog with an insatiable zest for life. He’s all about belly rubs, cuddles, and quality time with his friends. This clever canine also enjoys the art of deconstructing his toys (without actually eating the insides!) and has a blast playing frisbee. But what truly lights up his world is water, especially from a hose. His playful antics and love for water make him quite the character!

Jameson’s intelligence shines when he joins his human dad on mail-fetching adventures.  Off-leash, he’s a model of obedience, patiently waiting for commands and then announcing his presence to fellow doggy neighbors on their walks.
This four-legged foodie has a penchant for frozen carrots. When he wants a treat, he knows how to make his desires known, charming his way to the freezer and ensuring his humans understand his carrot cravings.

While at home, Jameson takes after his mom when it comes to mornings – a slow and gentle wake-up. He relishes belly rubs and is an absolute pro at claiming his spot in bed. This bed hog has mastered the art of spreading out and making sure his humans are holding onto the edge of the bed. But who could resist giving him that space, considering the immense joy he brings?

One of Jameson’s adorable habits is his love for shoes! When his family returns home, he can’t wait to “help” with shoe removal, then joyfully parades around with one like it’s a prized possession. He’s a vocal shoe enthusiast, his tail wagging in a blur as he enjoys his shoe-time.
In the words of his family, Jameson is their whole heart, and it’s easy to see why! His boundless love, charming personality, and unique quirks have made him a beloved member of our Bark-A-Bout Family!

Join us in congratulating Jameson for being voted our September, 2023 “Bark of the Month”!