Congratulations, Nessa C., Bark-A-Bout’s August, 2022 “Bark of the Month”!

Sweet Nessa was rescued at 4-months old with the help of a Michigan-based rescue, “Kentucky Puppy,”  who transports and re-homes dogs and puppies saved from euthanasia of Kentucky’s high-kill shelters. Nessa struck it lucky when she joined the Crowther family, alongside human sisters: Genevieve, Cordelia and 4-month-old Lilliana. Nessa is still not quite sure about her new human baby sister, Lilliana, but she sure loves sharing baby toys and asking Baby Lilliana to throw her the ball. Nessa is a loveable and playful dog. Hide-And-Seek is her favorite game she enjoys playing with her human sister, Cordelia. Fur-brother Artemis (Pug), Luna (17-year-old cat) and Snow (cat and frenemy) also love sweet Nessa. But her all-time beloved human buddy is her Momma, Kelly. Her favorite fur-buddy was Grandma’s Goldendoodle, “Millie”.

She loves daycare, walks, going “bye-bye” in the car and going on our boat. Nessa does not like swimming unless she can touch and see the bottom. Nessa loves socializing being outdoors. Nessa is the self-appointed Mayor and head of patrol for The Crowther Family’s backyard. She never lets anything go unnoticed, sounding off her bark alarm at the first sign of pesky squirrels and groundhogs! However, if it rains, forget it! Her job as Backyard Mayor gets immediately put on hold and she is hunkering down inside.

Nessa is a “Fetch Queen”, where “Ball is life”!!!  When playing fetch, once you say “last one” she will simply walk to her bed and lay down instead of bringing the ball back. In the evenings, she is often the first to hit the bed, even before her humans. Nessa definitely hogs the bed, right in the middle! In the mornings, Nessa wakes up refreshed and ready to be spoiled with human food treats like cheese, green beans and bully sticks.

On her car ride to Bark-A-Bout, Mom has to be sure to lay the seats down flat in the back seat. Otherwise, Nessa will do a hand-stand and put her hind legs way up on the head rest. Nessa is so silly but and has been doing this for the 6-years since she has been coming to Bark-A-Bout for Dog Daycare. Nessa loves Bark-A-Bout handlers, and running through our bone-shaped wade pool. Whenever it’s time to leave Bark-A-Bout, Nessa often whimpers and cries because she doesn’t want to leave. She can’t wait to come back again for more playtime with her sPAWcial furry fur’ends. We woof you, Nessa!

If you happen to see Nessa on her way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, be sure to congratulate her on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s August, 2022 “Bark of the Month”!