Congratulations, Sammy Presley for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s August, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!

Sammy Presley had a rough and challenging start at life. At only a few months old it was suspected that he escaped from an Ohio puppy mill. Forced to fight for his life on the streets and endure frigid outdoor winter temperatures, he wandered in the snow for quite some time before the local Animal Control picked him up. Sadly, they delivered him to a kill shelter where nothing could save his life except a miracle. The days ticked down one by one, but Sammy proved to be a fighter. As luck would have it, on the final day that was slated to be his last, a loving family rescued him. Sam enjoyed living with them until he turned seven months old. Unfortunately, his caretaker came down with Parkinsons and caring for him became too much of a physical challenge. But his luck continued to grow! His new fur’ever family spotted his adoption ad and immediately knew he would make the paw’fect fit with their family. What no one realized, however, was that Sammy’s past had perfectly aligned him for the life of a soldier.

Upon meeting and immediately falling in love with his new fur’ever family, Sammy quickly realized his new family required immediate protection. He quickly went to work diligently training daily in his new backyard. He carefully honed his attack skills by treeing sinister squirrels, sharpened his accuracy by snatching bubbles right out of thin air, and refined his night-readiness by chasing flashlight beams in the dark. And then it came – the momentous day he leaped from the patio stairs and successfully caught a bird mid-flight. At that moment Sammy knew he was ready for the brave and crucial task… He was now ready to take up post in the front window, guarding his beloved people against the ravenous horde of pigeons that routinely threaten their home.

Ten years later, Sammy still carries out his protective duties quite regularly, though his official status is now semi-retired. This has allowed him additional free time to focus on other important duties like napping, listening to his dad play the banjo, attending ‘Sammy’s school’ (his family’s code words for Bark-A-Bout!) and sampling tasty treats. Sam enjoys having more time to relax with friends, which, for him, are never hard to come by. Truly, Sammy has never met a dog – or a person – that he doesn’t adore. He tries to engage anyone he can in a friendly game of what should be called “fetch” shall he ever decide to return the ball instead of running away with it.

While at Bark-A-Bout, Sammy is a laid-back kind of fellow who loves the outdoors and sun-bathing and relaxing in the bone-shaped wade pool. While enjoying his Tiny Town fur’ends, he is well-mannered and polite, and will do almost anything for a belly scratch from Bark-A-Bout’s handlers. On occasion he gets the zoomies, and it is such a delight to watch him run around and play on fast-forward. His best fur’end is 9-year old Jack Russel Terrier, Casey Ritter. Casey recently went blind, but that hasn’t stopped Casey and Sammy from playing together like always.

Sammy’s family is extremely grateful for all the wonderful memories Sammy has created by his colorful antics and one-of-a-kind paw’sonality. He is everybody’s favorite walking partner, boat captain, bed warmer, alarm clock, security system, kitchen supervisor, greeter, snow inspector, Netflix buddy and friend.

If you shall  happen to see Sammy on his way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, please congratulate him and his family for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s August, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!