Congratulations, Baxter and Violet, Bark-A-Bout’s June, 2021 “Bark of the Month”!

Congratulations, Baxter and Violet for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s June, 2021 “Bark of the Month”!

Both 4-year old Boxer, “Baxter” and 3-year old Great Dane, “Violet” are “regulars” at Bark-A-Bout and enjoy dog daycare and pet hotel every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two years. Both pups seem to instinctively know when it’s a Tuesday or Thursday, their favorite day of the week. They wait for Dad to get all dressed and ready to leave for Bark-A-Bout, and then with all sorts of pent up excitement they pounce around and get right up in his face. Baxter always calls “Shotgun” and jumps in the front passenger seat of the car headed straight to Bark-A-Bout. Each Tuesday and Thursday, both Baxter and Violet love playing with eachother and making countless new fur’ends in Bark-A-Bout’s Large Dog playgroup.

Four-year-old Boxer, “Baxter” is a New Years Baby! Yes, Baxter was born on lucky January 1st, 2017. This boy is a loveable snuggle-bug. Baxter loves to go for walks and be adventurous, bark at squirrels, and as long as he is with his younger, “big sister” Violet, he is a happy camper. For dinner, Baxter is a picky eater, and his favorite delectable table scraps are steak and chicken.

Baxter’s younger but “big” sister, is a 3-year-old sweetheart, a big Great Dane named “Violet”, born March 5, 2018. The Maiorano family adopted Violet as a tiny puppy from the Armada Flea Market. What a lucky find and match made in Heaven!! Just like Baxter, Violet is sweet and overly affectionate. Her favorite way of getting spoiled is through receiving kisses and belly-rubs from anyone willing to share their love with her. In fact, if Violet sees any other animal getting any sort of attention (especially from her favorite human, her mom, Debby) she will nuzzle her way in and hog all the attention and belly-rubs for herself. Violet’s favorite furry friend is the family Siamese rescue cat, “Blue”. Both Violet and Blue share a special bond and both of them love to roll around on the floor together and gently nuzzle eachother affectionately.

While hanging out around the house, even though Violet is a big Great Dane, she is very skittish. Violet maintains immense curiosity for anything that reflects light, whether it be from a reflection of sunshine off of a cell-phone or watch, or her own beautiful reflection in a mirror or window. Chasing these light beams will send her into fits of happy-barking.

For dinner -unlike Baxter who is super picky about food- Violet loves all kinds of food. Her favorite treat and delicacy is to enjoy a big cow bone. And if Baxter isn’t careful, Violet might just sneak in and steal his bone and take over his snack.

Both Violet and Baxter love eachother very much. They are charming and full of enthusiasm and zest for life. Their happy-go-lucky demeaner is contagious to all dogs and to our Bark-A-Bout staff. We just love having their paw’sitive energy in our Large Dog Playgroup. It warms our hearts watching Violet and Baxter enjoy themselves so much, running in and out of the bone-shaped wade pool, exploring the indoor-outdoor play yard, and making all sorts of new fur’ends each Tuesday and Thursday… life couldn’t be better!!!

If you happen to catch Violet and Baxter on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout on Tuesday or Thursday, be sure to congratulate them on winning Bark-A-Bout’s June, 2021 “Bark of the Month!”