Congratulations, Cosmo and George!

Bark-A-Bout's December, 2018 Bark of the Month

Congratulations Cosmo and George for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2018 Bark-A-Bout “Bark of the Month”!!

Five year old “Cosmo” is such an adorable four-legged ball of energy! He was adopted on Mother’s Day, 2014 from the Humane Society of Michigan at the Lakeside PetSmart. The day he became adopted by the Baniak Family was a very big day for him because he had just taken a big long trip all the way from Tennessee. The Baniaks were unsure what type of dog he was but knew he had some Corgi in him. Since then, because of his curly tail, his family has determined he is part Shiba Inu and Corgi Mix (look at those ears!). Prior to adoption, his family was warned that he may have been abused. Poor Cosmo would shake in terror when men would visit or come near him. But that didn’t stop the Baniak’s from accepting Cosmo into their family. After Cosmo spent ample time with his new fur’ever family and got all settled in, it became clear he is loaded with endless energy! He loves to run and play as much as he can throughout each day. His favorite activity is chasing after tennis balls which he does daily with the help of his favorite toy, a tennis ball launcher called the iFetch!  In fact, his parent’s are so paw’some that because of Cosmo’s overuse of his favorite toy, they’ve actually had to replace it twice already!

But even with the help of his exciting new ball launching toy, it became clear Cosmo just seemed a bit ‘down’. After a little thought, his family realized the thing missing in Cosmo’s life was a furry best fur’end!

Later that night, Cosmo’s mom, Shanon immediately went on a mission to find Cosmo a much-deserved playmate. Like destiny in the making, as she scrolled through, she came across 1-year old “George”! George is the cutest little “Chorgi,” a happy mixture of Chihuahua and Corgi. George had sadly gone through 2 previous homes and was currently aligned with a Grand Rapids pet rescue foster home in November, 2015. Upon meeting George, for the Baniaks it was love at first sight! Sharon and her husband immediately fell in love with his sweet face and really huge ears! “We couldn’t live without him!” George’s fur’ever mom, Sharon believes she struck it rich with the adoption of George, because “who wouldn’t want this perfect dog?!” Within a week George officially became the Baniak’s fur’ever pup!

For Cosmo, it was just what he needed and the beginning of an inseparable relationship! Cosmo immediately fell in love with George and began treating him as if he was his baby. Cosmo grew very protective of George, even going so far as to clean his face every night before bed by licking him and giving him all sorts of kisses.  Cosmo and George are inseparable and sleep together on the same bed every single night. Their favorite is snuggling with their thick furry blankets. As fur-brothers and true best fur’ends they are never very far from each other”. George is happiest when he is cuddling right next to you. In fact, he is rather a “couch potato” who’d much rather snuggle than run around and play.

But truth be told, sometimes Cosmo gets a little jealous of all the affection George gets. Even still, Cosmo doesn’t let it get to him too much. He simply just jumps right in and intercepts all sorts of love .

At Bark-A-Bout when it’s playtime in Tiny Town, Cosmo and George’s favorite handler, “Rachel”, greets them each day with a bellowing “Geeeeeooooooorge!” Both dogs absolutely love it and come running and shaking their chunky corgi butts. Even though Rachel might be calling out George’s name, it sure doesn’t stop him from jumping up onto Rachel’s lap and slathering her with all sorts of corgi kisses.

During playtime both Cosmo and George really like the company of other dogs, and together they like to hang out with their best fur’ends, 9-year old Bishon-Poodle Mix, “Gigi”, and 7-year old Ella the Cavachon. Cosmo always looks forward to seeing 3-year old Yorkiepoo, “Rocky” when he comes in for his weekly half-days of daycare. It’s adorable that both Cosmo and George get along with everybody, but their best fur’ends will always remain eachother.

If you happen to catch George and Cosmo on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, please congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2018 “Bark of the Month”!