Congratulations Beemer!

Bark-A-Bout's September, 2017 Bark of the Month

“Beemer” is an adorable lab mix who was born on March 6, 2011. As a newborn, he belonged to a family who turned him in to a local rescue. One lucky morning, fate was on his side! The Reynolds family saw him instantly fell in love! Beemer became the Reynold’s first “fur-baby”.

Beemer’s family started bringing him into Bark-a-Bout for doggy daycare when he was a young 7-month old puppy. Over six years later, Beemer’s favorite day of the week is still Tuesday, because each Tuesday Beemer gets to enjoy playing with all his furry friends at Bark-A-Bout. Beemer is notorious for being a calm, cool and relaxed guy who makes all of the new kids feel welcomed and comfortable during their first day at Bark-A-Bout. While he is here, Beemer loves to dart back and forth chasing tennis balls. Once he gets ahold of one he won’t just give it right back, you’ll have to chase him for it!! Beemer also loves to sing! Whenever a fellow fur’end starts to howl, Beemer will chime right in with his own chorus, much like a wolf howling at the moon.

At home, Beemer loves to play with his two human brothers. He likes to give them kisses, run around the house, snuggle and sing with them! He even helps puts his human brothers to bed each night by snuggling with them during their story time. Beemer is exceptionally loving, caring and he is always excited when friends come over to visit. Beemer’s mom says, “Beemer makes our family complete! We couldn’t ask for a better dog!”

If you happen to catch Beemer and his family on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, please congratulate Beemer on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2017 Bark of the Month!