Congratulations, Nash and Ferris, Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2020 “Bark of the Month”!

“Ferris” is a 2 year old Golden Retriever who won over the hearts of his fur’ever family and Bark-A-Bout dog handlers from Day #1! Adopted at 10 weeks old, Ferris was, and still is, a rambunctious and curious puppy at heart! He is constantly on the go-go-go! His boundless energy supply has gained himself the colorful nicknames “Ferris Wheris”, “Golden Boy” and “Crazy”. Just about the only time Ferris slows down is for his favorite chest rubs. You see, Ferris is always seeking attention and loves to be touched and pet as much as humanly possible. He doesn’t even play with toys very much because his attention span is too short to slow down and have a favorite toy. So, coming to Bark-A-Bout and running around our play yards playing games of chase with his fur-brother, Nash and other fur’ends is just the perfect outlet for Ferris’ energy level. He plays all day long and makes new fur’ends each and every visit. His favorite dog handler is Kirsten, who fell madly in love with him on his first visit to Bark-A-Bout. Together they share a sPAWcial bond, and love to soak up eachother’s attention throughout each visit.

On the flipside, Ferris’ younger fur-brother, “Nash” shows off his ability to relax and take it slow. Nash, a 1-year old Pitbull Mix was the best addition to Ferris’ family, and helped Ferris calm down a bit and learn to go with the flow.  Nash loves all toys and works them until they are completely destroyed. Like Ferris, Nash has a few nicknames: Nashy Waashy, Handsome, Little Man, and “Nash the Nibbler”- – yes, Nash will nibble Ferris’ neck and chest, and Ferris will let him because well, Ferris doesn’t care who is touching him as long as he is being touched.  If Nash could be anywhere all day long it would have to be in his paw’rent’s bed.  “Beddy-by” is his favorite hangout.

Nash and Ferris want so badly to play with their feline brother, “Rosco Freako” (the family’s old, mouthy 15-year old cat), but Freako will lash out and bite their noses :(.  Both Nash and Ferris love being outside in the sun. Nash also likes to stalk the community squirrel who comes into their yard and climbs up their trees.  The squirrel likes to entice Nash by circling the trees in the yard, while Nash waits vigil looking up hoping that Mr. Squirrel will fall out so they can play together.

If you happen to catch Nash and Ferris during their visit to Bark-A-Bout, please be sure to congratulate them and their family on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s September, 2020 Bark-A-Bout “Bark of the Month”.