Congratulations, Milo Wojcik, Bark-A-Bout’s November, 2022 “Bark of the Month”!

CONGRATULATIONS, 8-year old St. Bernard, “Milo W.” for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s November, 2022 “Bark of the Month”!
Over four years ago, Steve and Pam Wojcik were fur-baby empty-nesters. Milo’s dad, Steven looked at Furever Tails website and spotted 4-year old Milo up for adoption, “Look at him, Pam!” Milo was going to be at the Detroit Zoo looking for his fur’ever home. So Steve and Pam eagerly took a trip the zoo. There, several rescue groups had their pets on display. The Wojciks anxiously walked through and spotted Mr. Milo.
So adorable, it was “love at first bark!” Milo had already gathered a small crowd around him. People were cooing and admiring his cute freckles and cheerfully pointing out his lovable massive paws. Needless to say, it took the Wojcik’s less than five minutes to confidently decide that Milo was joining their family, fur’ever.
From that day forward, Milo has lived one big adventure! He LOVES car rides, morning walks, playing tug-a-war and belly rubs. On Tuesday evenings, Milo’s parents say “Now Milo, tomorrow you’re going to Bark-A-Bout, so don’t wake us up so early in the morning, okay?”. And sure enough, Milo will let his paw’rents sleep in, unlike every other morning that he wakes them up at 6am. Once his collar is changed, he knows it’s off to the races and he’s on his way to a fun-filled day of tail-wagging fun with furry fur’ends.
When arriving to Bark-A-Bout, Milo excitedly pushes the front door open with his head and struts straight to where he needs to go to get the pawty started! While at Bark-A-Bout he loves making new fur’ends, following our handlers around and splashing through our bone-shaped wade pool!
Even beyond Bark-A-Bout, Milo’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is his dad, Steve. Steve and Milo spent lots of quality time together from walking, going for daily rides, fishing and weekly trips to the local Dairy Queen. Everywhere these two go, Milo is the star of the show and treated like a celebrity! Unfortunately, Milo’s dad recently passed away. Milo is still sad and adjusting to being without his dad. But, this gives him more time to spend with his amazing mom.
Caring on the torch for their adventure runs, on one of their recent regular pitstops, Mom and Milo walked into their local bank. Because he is infamously famous, all the bank tellers greeted him, “Milooooo!”. It was something straight out of an episode of ‘CHEERS’ with everyone yelling “Norm”! Next on the list of errands at the mechanic shop to get an oil change, as soon as Milo got out of the car a woman gleefully came over to greet him. She poured over him gushing how much she has been missing him. She begged Mom for permission to walk him to the back room where all the accounting ladies love him. Upon entering the back room Milo pulled out his favorite savvy trick to get lots of pets and attention… Any time someone walks near him, he’ll drop to the floor and roll over onto his back. Consistent as gravity, you’ll immediately feel compelled to bend over and give much-deserving belly rubs. At that point, everyone is happy and smiling at “Milo the Celebrity Dog”. It is clear that Milo enjoys all the attention he can lap up. Milo loves to be with “his people”. No matter, indoors or outdoors, his favorite place to be is by your side.
CONGRATULATIONS, Milo and family for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s November, 2022 “Bark of the Month”.
Steve, you will always hold a special place in our hearts.