Congratulations, Harley A. for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!

Harley is a vibrant 3-year old Pomsky. Harley was adopted on Christmas Eve when he was a 3 month old puppy. He has the most striking vibrant blue eyes and a vivacious personality. Harley has a cat sister named “Meow Meow” that he loves to chase around the house and play tag with.

Harley’s favorite activities are to enjoy car rides, go for walks, and make visits to his grandparent’s house. During the summer he likes playing outdoors and going for boat rides. He enjoys swimming in Muscamoot Bay in Lake St. Clair and especially playing on his floating lily pad on the lake water. Of course he loves coming to Bark-A-Bout to play with all his fur’ends. When his mom Tracy drops him off for daycare, Harley can hardly wait get out of the car and run inside to play with all of his fur’ends. While at Bark-A-Bout, Harley loves to play with the fire hydrant and bask in its misty rainbow. He also enjoys being “King of the Tower” and standing tall on the play equipment. Some of his best fur’ends are 3-year old yellow lab, “Joey N”, 1-year old Golden Retriever, “Maggie R”, and 8-month old Bull Mastiff Mix, “Lili S”. When his mom picks him up after a long day of excitement, he’s exhausted from playing so hard and falls asleep on the car ride home every time.

If you happen to catch Harley being dropped off or picked up at Bark-A-Bout during his fun afternoons of daycare, please congratulate him and his family for being voted as Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!