Congratulations, Gertie and Elliot!

Bark-A-Bout's July, 2018 Bark of the Month

CONGRATULATIONS, Gertie and Elliot!! Voted Bark-A-Bout’s July, 2018 “Bark of the Month”!

“Bark-A-Bout is excited to congratulate one year old mini golden doodles, Gertie and Elliot, as our July, 2018 “Bark of the Month”! This famous duo has been coming to Bark-A-Bout since they were puppies and known at Bark-A-Bout as the “Shining Twins”. Gertie and Elliot are inseparable. Everything they do, they love to do it together.

Gertie is cute and sassy, and she knows it! She might even secretly wish she were a big dog because she enjoys looking out the aerial viewing windows in Tiny Town to watch the big dogs play. She also really loves our orange egg chair so she can properly snag some beauty rest. She’s very smart and will pull down the visor of the chair to get alone time. Gertie also loves to snuggle with Elliot who is the lover boy of the bunch. He is always excited and eager to get special attention from Gertie and the handlers. Wherever you go, Elliot is always there. Elliot will rush up to you to show off his tennis ball he randomly found on the playfloor. And then Gertie will spot his lucky treasure and they will play tug of war over the ball, gripping it until one of them finally gives up. Sometimes the tug of war sessions can last an hour, and they will both fall asleep tugging at that same ball! As much as these two cuties love eachother, they also love swimming and making a splash in our bone shaped pool. At home they love swimming alongside their family in their pool and traveling up North to play at the beach. They love everything about water and being together.

If you happen to catch Gertie and Elliot on their way into Bark-A-Bout, be sure to congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s July, 2018 “Bark of the Month”!