Congratulations to 11 year old chocolate lab,  Rudi and 1 year old Maggie on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s October, 2019 ‘Bark of the Month’!

Rudi’s dad, Steve acquired Rudi when he was a puppy. His dad proudly declares that “Rudi has been nothing less than a wonderful friend for the last 11 ½ years”.  While Rudi was very rambunctious and overly active in his younger years, he has grown into a wonderful, fun-loving, and playful dog.  Rudi loves to run, swim and dive into the pool.  On one occasion, Dad can remember Rudi swimming for 3 hours straight as he chased geese in the lake without any success in catching a single one. Still, Rudi fully enjoyed every moment of his endeavor.

Rudi has attended Bark-A-Bout’s dog daycare regularly since about 1 year of age. You can find Rudi playing with the big dogs many days a week at Bark-A-Bout. Rudi is a “regular staple” that the Bark-A-Bout Team all agrees that we couldn’t imagine Bark-A-Bout without him. Rudi has a wonderful paw’sonality. He definitely isn’t a “morning person”, and it takes him awhile to get motivated for the day. But as for lunch, he turns into a machine and total “food scavenger”. He’s very stealth-like and will “fake you out” pretending he doesn’t notice that bag of treats over there, or that slice of lunch-meat. Just when you think he hasn’t noticed he will DIVE for the food!

And then, along comes Maggie! The most beautiful Golden Retriever, and perfect little sister to Rudi!

Rudi’s Dad acquired Maggie approximately six months ago. Maggie was about 9 months old when her previous owner, a member of the United States Coast Guard, requested Rudi’s dad adopt Maggie due to his hectic work schedule. What a perfect addition to the family! Maggie fit right into the family like it was destined and meant to be.  Maggie is such a sweetheart who loves Rudi and her new family to pieces.

Maggie looks up to Rudi like a role model and big brother. She embodies the personality of a very happy and sassy teenage girl who loves to tease her older brother by playing keep-away with tennis balls. She proudly prances in front of him with a ball or toy showing it off and making sure he sees it, all the while never letting him have it. She is very high energy and loves playing with her older brother Rudi and furry fur’ends at Bark-A-Bout. Just like Rudi, Maggie loves running, swimming and diving into the pool.  This past summer she could not spend enough time swimming.  It’s always hard to convince her when pooltime is over.

Both Maggie and Rudi have three best fur’ends, Daisy, Harvey and Frank.  The 5 of them play together regularly, and really enjoy each other’s company.  They all enjoy wrestling and swimming together frequently. Maggie can never get enough playtime or human attention, and is very affectionate at all times.  She is especially affectionate toward her brother, Rudi, giving him puppy kisses on a regular basis. They are inseparable and truly a wonderful match.

If you happen to catch Rudi’s dad, Steve picking up or dropping off Rudi and Maggie on their way into or out of Bark-A-Bout’s daycare, be sure to congratulate all of them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s October, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!