Congratulations, “Bella and Ti Warren” for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2021 “Bark of the Month”!

Congratulations, 12-year old “Bella” and 8-year old “Ti” for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2021 “Bark of the Month!”

The Warren Family acquired Bella in May, 2009 when she was only a 9-week old puppy, and Ti in February, 2014 when he was just 14-weeks old. Bella has been attending Bark-A-Bout’s Dog Daycare since the Warren Family moved from Seattle in July, 2012, and Ti has been coming to Bark-A-Bout since 2014. They love all the handlers at Bark-A-Bout, especially Tina. Both Bella and Ti love all dogs, but have a special fondness of huskies, with their favorite best fur’ends being Maverick and Aspen! Bella’s favorite things to do at Bark-A-Bout is explore and survey the outdoor bark park, walk through the bone-shaped wade pool, and just sit and watch other dogs play and socialize. Ti’s favorites are hanging with the handlers or running along the fence line with another dog on the other side.

Bella’s favorite things to do is “walkies”, sun bathing on the patio, hanging with her humans, talking and swimming. Yes, you read that right- – “talking!!” Bella has a large vocabulary and likes to talk to you and tell you everything that has happened since she last saw you.

Bella loves to be outdoors no matter what the weather. In fact, Bella likes to keep her family busy and prefers the “Let me inside, just so you can let me right back outside again” game. When it comes to their favorite toys, their favorite toy at any moment would be ANY toy that the other dog is playing with at that moment!! And anything that has a squeaker, the louder the better, especially for Bella who loves to hear her own voice, in good ole “husky” fashion! When Bella gets tired, she will put herself to bed. She likes to sleep in a chair in her parent’s bedroom. Depending on the weather and walks, both can be pretty relaxed, but on occasion, Ti can get excited and do 3-story zoomies in their home.

Speaking of indoors, Ti is an “indoor kind of guy” and even though he’s a husky, he prefers warm weather. He loves his “walkies”, digging in the garden, splashing in the water and hanging out with his family, but Ti likes to lounge around in style and even has a large cozy and warm puppy bed where he likes to sleep. Both love their 20-year old furry feline sister, “Reagan” but for Ti, his favorite will always be his mom. Ti is more of a “Momma’s Boy” and will make sure he is never far from Mom. He will throw a “husky fit” if both his mom and Bella are gone at the same time. They both know how to grab mom’s attention through special tricks such as: Sit, Stay, Shake, High-Five. And most impressively, Ti can roll-over on command!!

Both Bella and Ti have exquisite taste! Both dogs are “morning dogs”, and breakfast better not be late!! Their favorite breakfast food is sausage and eggs, and for dinner, chicken, cheese, veggies and pizza. Their favorite “Cheat Meal” is a special trip through the local McDonald’s Drive Thru for a delicious cheeseburger!

Their favorite places to travel are Port Austin and Stony Creek, and of course, Bark-A-Bout, where Bella and Ti are everyone’s Best Fur’end!
If you happen to catch Bella or Ti at Bark-A-Bout, please be sure to congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s December, 2021 “Bark of the Month”!