Congratulations Sofie and Gabby!

Bark-A-Bout's June, 2017 Bark of the Month

Bark-A-Bout is excited to congratulate an adorable pair of girls, Sofie and Gabby, as Bark-A-Bout’s June, 2017 “Bark of the Month”.

These two happy Great Danes will have you smiling in no time flat.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday you’ll likely catch this duo in Bark-A-Bout’s lobby checking in for their fun day of doggy daycare. As one of the largest canine breeds available, one might think these massive dogs deserve their own zip code.  In fact, their sheer size might possibly surprise you and be a bit intimidating at first. On contrary, throughout history, Great Danes have deservingly gained the name “Gentle Giants” due to their exceptionally easy-going, friendly and playful demeanor. These two affectionate girls fit the bill exactly.  In fact, the biggest thing about these two giant Great Danes isn’t their formidable size, but the size of their loving hearts.  This pair is quick to make furry fur’ends and melt your heart.

During afternoon playtime, this happy pair will be found at Bark-A-Bout galloping in and out of our indoor-outdoor bark park playing together and having a great time with all the dogs in their play group. But don’t think their extra-large size will lend them a clumsy stride next to their smaller four-legged friends.  Instead, their well-formed regal, smooth-muscled body is so well-structured that with each long reach you’ll see a regal and powerful drive.

Three year old Sofie, the elder glossy deep black Great Dane has white tips on her paws and chest. She is the leader of this matching duo. Her younger sister, Gabby, has a beautiful “steel blue” shiny coat of gunmetal grey.  Even though younger 9-month old Gabby has outgrown her older sister Sofie just a bit, their mom says, “Whatever Sofie does, Gabby follows. Gabby is Sofie’s shadow”.

At home, their favorite thing to do together is play with their squeaker toys. Sofie will start chewing and squeaking away, and young Gabby will follow up with a loud boisterous howl, probably the loudest, deepest, most far-carrying bark of any canine. Sofie will chime back in and together both will be howling in chorus. Their mom says they host their very own choir concert for the neighbors to enjoy!

One smart move Sofie knows while lounging at home, is that if young Gabby is on the couch sitting in “her spot”, Sofie will get a toy in her mouth and entice Gabby to get up and play. Young Gabby always takes the bait and quickly jumps off the couch to join in some playtime fun. At which time Sofie immediately drops the toy and darts for her coveted spot on the couch. Dad says “it is just too funny, Gabby falls for it every time”.

Together these two girls are inseparable and love taking car rides together to the grocery store and to Bark-A-Bout, of course! If you get the chance to catch these two lively gals on their way into Bark-A-Bout, be sure to congratulate them on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s June, 2017 Bark of the Month.