Congratulations, Teddy, Bark-A-Bout’s February, 2020 “Bark of the Month”!

Bark of the Month, Goldendoodle, “Teddy” is just over 3 years old. He has been attending Bark-A-Bout’s dog daycare every Friday since his family was blessed enough to call him their own! Teddy loves every second while he’s at Bark-A-Bout! His family calls it “school” and every time they say that word he gets soooo excited!

Teddy loves to play more than anything else in the world! Teddy is a very energetic & spunky pup. He often gets the “zoomies” and enjoys running around outside on Bark-A-Bout’s turf. Teddy enjoys sunshine and summertime ⛱☀️ When he’s not sunbathing & receiving love from Bark-A-Bout’s handlers, Teddy is splashing around in the bone-shaped wade pool. Teddy loves, loves, loves playing in the water 💦 He never wants to leave the pool! Bark-A-Bout’s handlers sometimes have to bargain with him and coax him out of the pool with a tasty treat. 😋 He has several friends at Bark-A-Bout including Shadow, (Norwegian Elk Hound), Stanley, (Rat Terrier), Lucy K, (Bulldog), & his BEST FUR’END, Gracie L, (Wheaten). 💕 Teddy can be a little nervous when meeting someone new, but once he feels comfortable, he is the sweetest guy around.

Teddy gives the best cuddles & kisses 💋 and loves being around people and being the center of attention. While at Bark-A-Bout, after hitting the play floor, the first thing he will do is run up to his favorite Bark-A-Bout’s handler, Nicole, and give her a great big hug! Outside of Bark-A-Bout, Teddy’s best human-friend is his 1.5 year old human brother, Anthony! They are two peas in a pod, like Tom & Jerry. They often snatch up each other’s toys and chase after one another around the house.

While at home, Teddy loves being outdoors. He especially loves swimming in the lake and running around in the snow. It is very hard to keep Teddy indoors, no matter the weather.

Teddy’s family proudly gushes that he is the greatest dog they could have ever asked for, “Every time we’re together as a family he wants nothing more than to cuddle and for all of us to pet him. Teddy is a great blessing to our family and we are honored for him to be selected as Bark-A-Bout’s “Bark of the Month”!! We couldn’t be any more thankful for the staff and the kindness they share every single time we visit!! We could never thank Nicole enough for caring for Teddy as much as she does. It is safe to say he is one lucky dog and we sincerely appreciate you all from the bottom of our hearts! We look forward to every Friday and couldn’t be any more thankful for such a great place like Bark-A-Bout!!”

Teddy and family, the feeling and love is mutual! We Woof You!!!

If you happen to catch Teddy at Bark-A-Bout, please congratulate Teddy and his family for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s February, 2020 “Bark of the Month”