Congratulations Chip!

Bark-A-Bout's November, 2017 Bark of the Month

Bark-A-Bout is excited to welcome West Highland Terrier, “Chip” as Bark-A-Bout’s November, 2017 Bark-A-Bout Bark of the Month!

Chip is an adorable 8 year old West Highland Terrier who will surely melt your heart during these chilly Michigan fall months!

Chips mom, Paula rescued Chip from the high-kill state of Indiana when he was approximately two years old. Paula says “Chip was a little rough around the edges.  In fact, he barely resembled a Westie at all! He had a brown fur coat and fleas.” But with proper nutrition and a lot of TLC from his new mom, Chip blossomed into the beautiful Westie that he now is. Chip’s second chance at life and new fur’ever home was just what he needed. As a second addition to their West Highland Terrier family, Chip instantly bonded with their current Westie, “Mulligan”. Mulligan and Chip became inseparable for the next 6 years.  Together Mulligan and Chip would come to Bark-A-Bout and make lots of furry fur’ends during doggy daycare in Tiny Town. They loved running around getting great exercise and playing with other pups their size.

Chip is so sweet to all humans and furry fur’ends alike, and yes—this even includes cats! He absolutely loves attention from humans and makes friends very quickly. He especially enjoys taking his mom on bike-trail walks near their house. Chip is an especially sweet gentleman to all he meets, but he still loves his alone time to reflect and wind down. According to his mom, Paula, “sometimes he acts like a caveman and hides under the bed.”  Once he has his fill and he is ready for more social time he will come back out and pick out one of his favorite stuffed animal toys.  His stuffed squirrel is his all-time favorite stuffed animal buddy and he will proudly carry that squirrel around the house in his mouth all day long, wherever he goes.

When Chip wants some entertainment, he adores watching tv. He prefers animated movies and contently watches the characters dance across the screen.  When the Winchester Dog Show is on, Chip is one happy pup! He intently watches the whole show from beginning to end. He loves watching dogs on the big screen.

Bark-A-Bout is so lucky to have such a sweet, gentle pup in our pack.  If you happen to catch Chip and his mom, Paula on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout, please congratulate Chip on being voted Bark-A-Bout’s November, 2017 Bark of the Month!