Congratulations, Sadie W!

Bark-A-Bout's May, 2018 Bark of the Month

Six years old, “Sadie W” is a “Honey Bear” (coton de tulear, shi tzu, maltese mix), born February 20th, 2012.  This little white furball is loaded with sass and spunk! She is a playful mix of sweet and sassy! She loves the attention she gets from her family and is much happier when everyone is home and keeping her company and doting on her. While her favorite person is her mom, Grandma runs a very close second! They say that dogs are “man’s best friend”, and Sadie is extremely loyal to her beloved people. At night, she loves to get cozy up in her purple blanket with her mom and dad. And for as little as Sadie is, she takes up half of mom and dad’s bed each night which makes her a complete bed hog!

After a relaxing night spent snuggling with her favorite people, it’s off to an action-packed day at Bark-A-Bout. Sadie whines on her morning drive to “school” until Mom pulls the car up into the parking lot. She knows they’re here and pops her head up and tries to get out of the car by scratching at the window. Once she is settled inside Tiny Town, she loves walking around to check up on all her fur’ends.  Heather is her favorite dog handler who showers her with lots of love and affection.

Sadie loves getting attention, and she is always sure to reciprocate the love she receives. While at home, to show you just how much she loves you, she’ll excitedly drop a present in your lap, her coveted bone. But, her favorite things to chew are the noses of her “sister’s” stuffed animals. When she gets a new stuffed toy her sassy side comes out and she immediately chews the stuffing out!  She’s destroyed all of the earbuds in the house… Her sister still hasn’t learned to stop leaving them on tables where Sadie can reach!!

Sadie considers herself a “foodie” with a sophisticated pallet. She knows when mom is making chicken noodle soup and lays by the stove while the soup is simmering.  When it’s ready to be served she barks at Mom until she gets a nice full bowl full of chicken, celery and carrots.  HER FAVORITE!!

If you happen to catch this adorable cutie on her way in or out of doggy daycare, be sure to congratulate her and her family for being voted Bark-A-Bout’s May 2018, “Bark of the Month”!