CONGRATULATIONS, Gracie and Declan, Bark-A-Bout’s June, 2019 “Bark of the Month”!

Gracie, age 7, and Declan, age 3, are Australian Shepherd siblings who live in downtown Rochester with their mom and dad, Teresa and Brian. Both adopted when they were adorable puppies, Gracie is affectionately named after Sandra Bullock’s iconic character of “Gracie Lou Freebush” in the popular movie, Miss Congeniality. Three year old Declan is proudly named in honor of his human family’s Irish roots.

Every Wednesday at Bark-A-Bout, Declan and Gracie enjoy a fun-filled day of dog daycare. Declan is absolutely in love with playing catch with the tennis balls and running around with his older sister, Gracie. They are both the very best of fur’ends, and have such a ball exploring the play yard and eating up all the love and attention from the handlers. They are both fur’ends to every dog they meet.

When they aren’t at Bark-A-Bout, Gracie and Declan enjoy long walks and duck watching through the park, playing frisbee in the backyard and napping in their favorite places — mom and dad’s bed and under the office desk.

Declan is his big sister, Gracie’s shadow. He proudly follows his big sister everywhere she goes and sits down right next to her wherever she decides to settle in. Gracie has taken well to her role as big sister since Declan’s arrival as a puppy. Being patient with Declan means tolerating all his puppy antics like sitting directly on her head and sharing all of her favorite toys. As his big sister, she is in charge of protecting him from any potential monsters that might be lurking in the back yard late at night. Gracie will bravely be the first down the steps to ensure the coast is clear while Declan awaits safely at the top of the steps until getting the sign.

This inseparable and adventurous pair love to travel together with their mom and dad on road trips to visit family and fellow furry cousins down south in Tennessee. They especially enjoy receiving visits from their human siblings, Megan and Sean when they come to town.

Gracie and Declan have so much love that overflows from each of them. Bark-A-Bout is so proud to vote Gracie and Declan as June, 2019’s Bark-A-Bout Bark of the Month!
If you happen to catch this duo on their way in or out of Bark-A-Bout be sure to congratulate them on being voted Bark of the Month!